Stock Information

Market: London Stock Exchange
Alternative Investment Market (AIM)
Symbol: CGNR

Market: Irish Stock Exchange
Enterprise Securities Market (ESM)
Symbol: CGNR.I

Country of incorporation and main country of operation:
Conroy Gold and Natural Resources plc is an Irish-registered and incorporated company (registered in Dublin, Republic of Ireland; No 232059). As such, the rights of shareholders may be different from those of shareholders in a United Kingdom incorporated company.
Ireland is the main country of operation.

Significant Shareholdings
Professor Richard Conroy:  2,430,657 (22.07%)
Patrick O’Sullivan:  3,175,000 (28.35%)
Andrea Gonella: 665,000 (6.04%)

Shares (Issued & Outstanding):  11,013,537 (5 May 2016),
6,464,761 (58.70%) of the Current shares not in Public hands.
Made up as follows:

    • Directors’ holdings                                                        
    • 2,624,761
    • Patrick O’Sullivan                                                              
    • 3,175,000
    • Andrea Gonella                                                              
    • 665,000
    • Total                                                             
    • 6,464,761

Restriction on Transfer of Securities: None
Country of share register: IE
Segment: AIMI
ISD status: Non ISD Regulated Market
ISIN number: IE000BZ4BTZ13

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