Conroy Gold and Natural Resources plc (“Conroy Gold”) is a mining company whose objective is to make very substantial returns for shareholders through the discovery and development of world class ore bodies.

The management team has a proven track record of successful exploration and development of world class deposits which became producing gold and zinc mines including the discovery of the Galmoy ore bodies in County Kilkenny in Ireland, which led to Ireland becoming an international zinc province.

Conroy Gold’s exploration in Ireland has led to the discovery in Ireland of a new European gold district. This extends for 30 miles (50 km) across counties Armagh, Monaghan and Cavan.

A series of major gold targets have been discovered by Conroy Gold along this 30 mile trend and licences granted which give security of tenure. The Company is now planning its first operational gold mine in the area.

Conceptual studies by the Company suggest the potential for 15 – 20+ M Oz of gold within the 30 mile gold trend covered by Conroy Gold’s licences.*

Licence area geology and major gold targets along the 30 mile (50km) gold trend

Major gold targets with gold proven in bedrock identified to date

* This projection is based on the 1m ounce JORC-compliant resource outlined in only 20 per cent of the Clontibret target, the potential of the remaining 80 per cent of that target, the new discovery at Clay Lake and other large gold-in-soil anomalies that have been outlined elsewhere on its licences. To date there has been insufficient exploration carried out to define the mineral resources as estimated above (other than the scoping study resource). There can be no certainty that exploration will result in resources of the above magnitude being realised.