Finland is a mining-friendly country, ranking first in the Fraser Institute rating, offering the exploration industry a favourable operating and investment climate, with significant potential for new discoveries. The Company has been operating in Finland for a number of years and has established excellent working relationships with a number of organisations including the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK).

Gold Mineralisation:

Structure is the most significant control for mineralisation for all epigenetic occurrences in Northern Finland. Locally, structure along with host rock type can be viewed as the most significant controls. Fluid compositions suggest variable, mixed origins for volatiles and metals, with no evidence of a local source.

There are three main types of Au mineralisation evident in the Palaeoproterozoic of Northern Finland. These are the (i) orogenic gold-only type, (ii) iron-oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) type and (iii) palaeoplacers.

The Kittila underground mine in northern Finland is extracting one of the largest known gold deposits in Europe. This confirms the excellent potential prospectively of northern Finland.

The Company has undertaken an extensive till sampling programme throughout Northern Finland. Combined with structural analysis from Landsat and SRTM data and interpretation of airborne geophysical data a number of targets have been identified in major structural deformation zones which the Company considers prospective for gold mineralisation.