Stock Information

Market: London Stock Exchange
AIM Market (AIM)
Symbol: CGNR

The Company is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms

Country of incorporation and main country of operation:

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources plc is an Irish-registered and incorporated company (registered in Dublin, Republic of Ireland; No 232059). As such, the rights of shareholders may be different from those of shareholders in a United Kingdom incorporated company.

Ireland is the main country of operation.

Significant Shareholdings

Philip Hannigan: 8,958,445 (18.72%)

Professor Richard Conroy:  3,194,036 (6.68%)

Patrick O‚ÄôSullivan:  3,000,000 (6.27%)

Jonathan Swann:   2,616,722 (5.47%)

Paul and Michelle Johnson:  1,686,255 (3.52%)


Shares (Issued & Outstanding):  47,848,693  of which none are held in treasury.
12,546,870 (26.22%) of the Current shares not in Public hands.

Made up as follows:

  • Directors' holdings: 3,588,425                                                                                                                                
  • Philip Hannigan: 8,958,445                                                

This information was last updated on 6 July 2023

Restriction on Transfer of Securities: None

Country of share register: IE
Segment: AIMI
ISD status: Non ISD Regulated Market
ISIN number: IE000BZ4BTZ13

LEI code: 635400YIAKIIDS7JKF64

The company is not subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Merges but is however subject to the relevant takeover rules of The Irish Takeover Panel, which is the competent authority in Ireland implementing  the Directive on Takeover Bids(2004/25/EC).

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